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100% electric at ABBIT

After driving one pure electric car since 2011, ABBIT decided, to buy no more oil consuming cars. From now on anyone that needs their car replaced can choose from a list of a reasonably priced, full electric cars. At the same time we will maximise our solar electricity production and minimise heating on gas or oil. We do this for health, energy independence, the environment and to stop oil based wars.           Maarten Vanneste, August 2015.

INNOVATE: Necklace microphone

Yes: a microphone women love

INNOVATE: Dynamite for Q&A :

 Now SIX flying microphones available

WOW! Remote speaker on wheels

NEW: Your Robot Speaker on stage 

We did it again:

'The best contrast and
detail ever for our participants'
user group organiser
medical imaging company

'The Best WiFi ever!'
Connected automotive conference in Germany
American independent planner 

'The most innovative conference ever.'
strategy and consultant advisor Top 5 Agency

FRESH is produced by ABBIT

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Robot participant interview

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Innovation for Success

When people meet, they change the world. We believe that Innovation, progress or any other kind of change comes from people meeting other people. People change and so do meetings. We help designing objective based meetings Since 1982, anywhere in Europe.

Objective Based Design

Our teams design successful meetings based on objectives. Our true one-stop-shop houses many innovative services coordinated by skilled Meeting Support Managers. Our warehouses are packed with AV, ICT, technology and other tools.

An Abbit project from design to execution. We produce results from 3D design to Apple juice in the fridge. Our team manages the production of your meetings or conferences with all the creative, technical and technology services needed.

The Abbit team is proud to be partner of EIBTM for the video production. We offer this great and efficient way to produce video interviews in a professional way.
 The light shines as it creates colour. Making a mark for Diabetes Day has become as loud as Rock-n-Roll. Welcoming the team in the morning with a clear blue welcome and waving them out with a nightly blue sky kiss.
 Medical images need special care. Especially the super high resolution images of MRI Scans with their specific contrast need the right equipment to get the full quality on screen. This is a must, so doctors can learn to make the important decisions they make on a daily base with more accuracy. Our lives may depend on it...