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FREE WEBINAR | 7 Ways to Make Co-Creation a Success

27 Jun 2016 16:30
27 Jun 2016 17:00

Co-creation happens when a (large) group of participants in a meeting produce an enormous quantity of (text) input in a short amount of time. The text input can be ideas, questions, answers, suggestions , etc.  This text is of high value to the organiser, speaker and participants.

Education Programme at the Meetings Show London #TMS16: Meeting Design & Technology Streams

14 Jun 2016 09:30
16 Jun 2016 17:30
London, Oympia
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Meeting Design Institute is delighted to present the Meeting Design & Technology Streams that were developed with a partnership with the Meetings Show. “Our most successful and well-reviewed sessions last year were technology focused,” comments The Meetings Show’s Event Director, Steve Knight.  “Buyers and planners are constantly provided with solutions and me

Free Webinar: Multi Hub Meetings - An emerging meeting format

7 Jul 2016 16:30
7 Jul 2016 17:00

What is a Multi Hub Meeting?

A multi-hub meeting is a meeting involving a number of groups at different locations all connected by high-tech channels. The groups enjoy a highly interactive international meeting that feels like everyone is in the same room.

The Meeting Show announced a Technology Start Ups Competition

14 Jun 2016 12:19
16 Jun 2016 12:19
Olimpia, London
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Cat got your tongue? Five ways to improve audience Q&A at events

Cat got your tongue? Five ways to improve audience Q&A at events
Suddenly you're staring out at a desolate wasteland of Easter Island statues and unsure hands half hovering in the air. 

Are you still pre-printing badges?

Event planners who don’t want to spend a portion of their budget outsourcing name badges have all felt the pain of creating their own name badges for hundreds or even thousands of guests. 

Brave Ideas - Debut Group, New MDI Member

Full service communications agency providing inspiration and compelling journeys for your participants 

The Debut Group inspires and moves people toward action by connecting with them on an emotional level. They help businesses talk to the human in every employee—working with each individual to reach their full potential.

Meeting Design Training Course

24 May 2016 09:00
25 May 2016 17:00
Amsterdam - ICCA HeadQuarters
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Meeting Designer from the Netherlands and author of “Into the Heart of Meetings”, Eric de Groot, will visit Amsterdam on 24 – 25 May 2016, for a Meeting Design Training Course.

SAVVY CONGRESS shifting knowledge

Customised and interactive event platform tool for attendee involvement and knowledge sharing


Savvy is an interactive event tool which stimulates knowledge sharing amongst participants during a congress or event and creates involvement between t

Agenda MDI at #IMEX16

19 Apr 2016 10:00
21 Apr 2016 17:00
Messe Frankfurt
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If you are interested in meeting design, the following education and networking opportunities should be added to your IMEX diary.

Monday, April 18

Your e-book guide to increase audience engagement

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