Music, be it live or electronic. be it for listening or for intaractive co-creation of music. Music as in 'walk-in music' , 'Theme Music', 'Djingles', 'video production', etc.

Experience the Mash Machine at FRESH15

Playing an instrument or making music was always done by the talented musicians...The jukebox and the mp3 player gave us more individual control of what music we listen to and more and more computer based systems give

Improving the quality of meetings using music

Abstract: Music's power in leadership and the development of trust has been both recognised and documented at least since the time of the Ancient Greeks. The potential impact of face-to-face meetings, as opposed to communication by other means – even aided by a battery of technological developments – is also widely accepted.

ABCDEF: are people tools?

Are people tools in the hands meeting architects, to influence participants? It sounds a bit weird but on the other side, it is about time we see professionals (and volunteers or staff) of all sorts as a category of tools in designing better meetings. Our participants are people and consciously deploying ‘non participant’ people to assist, facilitate, inspire, motivate and even drive meeting objectives is probably the most logic and maybe even the most effective thing we can do.

Sound Potential

The sense of hearing, known as audition, is a crucial aspect to consider when planning an event.
by Sean Kirkpatrick.

Tekno Congress

Since 1982 Teknocongress has partnered with those carrying the responsibility of planning and executing congresses, meetings and any other type of corporate and association event.
Teknocongress covers all areas of conference communication providing up to date sound and video solutions.
One stop shop for your event One only provider who will understand the objectives of your meeting.
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