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Cat got your tongue? Five ways to improve audience Q&A at events

Cat got your tongue? Five ways to improve audience Q&A at events
Suddenly you're staring out at a desolate wasteland of Easter Island statues and unsure hands half hovering in the air. 

Brave Ideas - Debut Group, New MDI Member

Full service communications agency providing inspiration and compelling journeys for your participants 

The Debut Group inspires and moves people toward action by connecting with them on an emotional level. They help businesses talk to the human in every employee—working with each individual to reach their full potential.

Into the Toolbox of a Meeting Designer #technology | CrowdCompass

CrowdCompass by Cvent, is the number one event app developer in the app store. CrowdCompass apps have had over 1.8 million downloads globally and are used for events of 20 to 30,000 attendees.

Think You Know Audience?

You can talk to audiences. You can give them information. You can even entertain them. But when it really matters, you need to engage them.

Into the Toolbox of a Meeting Planner #technology | Fielddrive

fielddrive provides onsite technical solutions for the meeting and event industry.

Into the Toolbox of a Meeting Planner #technology | PodioBox

PodioBox is the all-in-one system to manage and perform presentations in fast and easy way without software installation.

Serious Fun & Entertrainment

We offer acts, workshops & trainings full of humour, energy, and inspiration.

Communication Solutions for Better Meetings. Make Your Presenters Shine!


Audience Communication and Events is an international, independently owned communication and event agency.

A social entertainment with music that transforms everyone into DJs

Mash Machine is a social experience with music designed to engage and bring people together.

Empowering New Generation of Events

MeetingExpert is an innovative congress software solution designed to offer a unique user experience for the speakers and delegates sharing the same event, by providing them with all the necessary technological support to present and access all the digital content of

Event Tech Tour by Poken

16 Sep 2015 12:00
20 Oct 2015 15:00
email contact person: 

Poken will be touring the world to meet with event professionals and talk about how their digital platform is helping boost engagement across the boa

Creative seats and branding-solution for events

Tim Vardy developed a creative seat and branding-solution for events - the FestivalChairs. If you are you looking for a unique way of refreshing and personalize your events, this cool stools are definitively a great option. How does it work?
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