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Creating Networking Opportunities

For many delegates, networking becomes the number one reason for attending conferences.

Creating ROI Through Social Media

Want to create an enviable social strategy?

Designing the social experience

What are your goals and objectives for actively participating in the social conversation at your event? Increasing the number of followers or improving the attendee experience?

Creative Meeting Design

It is a challenge to keep attendees interested and engaged at meetings but with creativity and the right tools you can boost interaction and engagement.

FRESH15: videos, quotes, pictures


Increasing delegate feedback for your conference

Data collection including information about attendees' feedback can be extremely hard to obtain but is crucial for event planners to help them define their audience behaviour and profiles.

The Art of Connecting With Your Audience

Every single meeting delegate holds unique knowledge. The Red Line Project helps you access this untapped wealth of information by creating a uniquely interactive learning experience. 

Smart(phone) Technology for Events

There are a lot of event apps out there, but how do you use them? Trippus has produced a free guide on how to make the most out of the fact that your event participants use smartphones - interview with Martin Klofver, CEO of Trippus.

The new standard in presentation management

Slidebox was chosen as one of the top 10 innovations at EIBTM2014. And in this interview, Menno Pleij one of the founders of this start-up company, explains why they were selected.

Leveraging technology to boost your audience engagement

Best practices as well as potential pitfalls of implementing technology at your event to boost learning and audience engagement - Paul Heil from interviewed by Erwin Dielens.
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