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The Meeting Show announced a Technology Start Ups Competition

14 Jun 2016 12:19
16 Jun 2016 12:19
Olimpia, London
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ACE of M.I.C.E Exhibition

16 Mar 2016 09:00
18 Mar 2016 17:30
Istanbul Congress Center & Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar - ICEC, Harbiye - Istanbul

Organized for the second time this year, “ACE of M.I.C.E. Exhibition” brought MICE industry professionals from Turkey and all around the globe in a splendid event.

(Science Daily) Video Captions Improve Comprehension

A simple change -- switching on captions -- can make a big difference when students watch educational videos, an SF State professor has discovered.

Robert Keith Collins, an assistant professor of American Indian studies, found that students' test scores and comprehension improved dramatically when captions were used while watching videos. The tool is often utilized for students with learning disabilities, but Collins says his results show captions can be beneficial to all students.

Why you must be hand in glove with your potential participants

Attracting participants to conferences is one of the main challenges for all event organizers. What can help is making your event client-oriented and “exclusive”. Interesting topics, discussions of vital issues, famous speakers and thought-leaders, unusual event format... Right. But I'd like to focus on one of the best motivators for people to attend an event, that is personal engagement in preparation of this event. Conferences are organized for attendees, so that they get answers to their professional questions, share ideas and opinions, meet peers.

SlideDog - Free Multimedia Presentation Software

Slidedog-logo.png - a presenter's best friend. SlideDog is a new tool that makes your presentations go more smoothly. With SlideDog you can seamlessly blend a PowerPoint deck, PDF document, a website, Prezis, movies and much more together in a single presentation without having to stop the flow of your speech to bring up your next item on the screen.

Will a Harvard Professor's New Technology Make College Lectures a Thing of the Past?

ecturing.professor.jpg Another sign that the college lecture might be dying: Harvard University physics professor Eric Mazur is championing the "flipped classroom," a model where information traditionally transferred during lectures is learned on a student's own time, and classroom time is spent discussing and applying knowledge to real-world situations.

New Presentation Management System

Preseria AS, founded in 2008, is an innovative software company focusing on providing high end software solutions for conference planners, technical staff and speakers. We create innovative technologies and software geared towards the meeting and event industry. With several thousand users Preseria AS is securing its position amongst professional presenters and organizers as the new industry standard. Our products increase the competitiveness of our costumers in an already tough market. Preseria Conference makes life easier for presenters and conference organizers.


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4 Best Practices for Getting Presenters to Submit Their Materials

When it comes to getting things done on time, it’s not easy. It’s in our nature to wait until the last minute to do even the most important things like Christmas shopping or doing our taxes. And, there are many things in life we commit to, yet don’t follow through on such as: helping people move, paying bills on time or just walking the dog. We’re human, what can you expect?

Bloom's taxonomy - learning domains

Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains for design and evaluation toolkit for training and learning. Cognitive Affective Psychomotor Domains Bloom's Taxonomy, (in full: 'Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains', or strictly speaking: Bloom's 'Taxonomy Of Educational Objectives') was initially (the first part) published in 1956 under the leadership of American academic and educational expert Dr Benjamin S Bloom.

Moving Minds

Moving Minds in Denmark
>make the meeting participants to move and think outside the box, have fun and get excited
>make a group create new outcomes and new ways of thinking
>involve all participants in a group in an excellent way
Find more at the website:

No More Boring Meetings

Office Solutions
An article in four parts including  >Have Fun at Your Next Meeting  >Start the Ball Rolling  >Get them to Speakup  >Keep them Awake  >Recognize and Reward  >Ask for Feedback. Find it:


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Kinesthetic Modeling:Whole Body VizThink

I’ve seen John Ward do his magic with models and clay but this year at VizThink in San Jose the core message really sank in. It had to do with the way our body uses imagery in its core processing. It’s an understanding that is at the heart of why graphic facilitation works and how to deepen its impact.

John ran a session at VizThink titled “Kinesthetic Modeling: Visual Thinking in 3 Dimensions” along with fellow facilitators Regina Rowland, Nick Payne, and Julie Gieseke—all skilled graphic facilitators.

Six Minutes Speaking and Presentation Skills

Six Minutes Speaking and Presentation Skills is a website with lots of resources for speakers. It is maintained by Andrew Dlugan, a Canadian speaker, trainer and coach. 

Dlugan is not a 'quick fixer', his information is sound and considered and as far as I can tell, in every way in line with current knowledge and science about what makes a good presentation.

He also publishes critiques of video recorded speeches, a very effective way to learn good speaking skills. There is also a form and some good advice on how to do your own critiques.
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