1st World Hackathon at sea

23 Jun 2015 18:00
23 Jun 2015 20:00
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Join us for a memorable day in a journey that will change your point of view on meetings and events. The innovation arrives to Barcelona by the hand of the Meeting Design Institute through the FRESH Conference where experts from all over the world will share their new design ideas for meetings and events.

This year the company ITB "Innovative Talent Bureau" has decided to organize an innovative and unique event that will become the 1st World Hackathon "at sea", where participants will be over 3 hours inside a catamaran in the middle of the Mediterranean sea putting all their best ideas together and creating solutions for the suggested challenge.

The Challenge!
The challenge: how to implement innovative, creative and artistic solutions to pharma meetings in compliance with the pharma code

The Prize!
The wining idea will receive the "Prototyped in Barcelona" recognition and stamp offered by the Innovation Department of the City Council. All ideas will be summarized in a document for distribution to pharma companies worldwide.

1. Why do you/we do this? And how does it connect to FRESH?
We do this because we want to positively influence the way Pharma meetings are planned and executed which never seems to evolve from boring patterns because of the restrictions in their code. It takes a group of savvy people to come out with creative solutions, and one compromised company to transform these ideas in a useful tool that will be summarised, delivered to the Pharma community and make it accessible to the meetings industry. That's the why for Fresh and for ITB.

2.       Who qualifies or how to qualify to join on board? Who else will be there?
Meeting & Event Creative Designers from the FRESH Conference 2015 will be eligible for participation, but they have to qualify because space is limited!!
Please follow @itbdmc and tweet using the hashtags #Freshcon15 and #itbhackathon to explain how could you contribute to the challenge, what makes you the right candidate for the 1st World Hackathon at Sea!
Accepted participants from Fresh will be announced on Tuesday June 23rd during the morning sessions.
The ideal mix in our Hackathon would be combined The Fresh participants with Academy, Young Leaders, corporate event planners and media partners as the other participants.


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