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This information is for (potential) members: Suppliers in Meeting Design services, technology, consultancy, experts, presntation, Production, ROI, etc


A dozen reasons why Sakis Triantafyllakis
needs to become a member of MDI

Your marketing plan for a whole year...
     30 min video with complete overview  

a 30 min. webinar explaing the fundamentals behind your potential marketing plan for a whole year (made in 2015)


  Introduction to the Meeting Design Institute for potential members

The Meeting Design Institute is a member based association with a mission: to develop meeting design alongside logistics and hospitality. The emerging category of meeting design brings together education, tools and services with a common objective to produce better meetings with more powerful, measurable results.

MDI is emerging as a global community of companies and professionals that deliver meeting support or  meeting design services. MDI membership is a unique opportunity to:

  1. meet new potential clients
  2. discover the meeting industry
  3. meet people and companies in the same market
  4. educate the market and develope your product

By approaching the market together, under a single umbrella, members will increase the impact and profile of their own products and services. With MDI's experiencein the market, you get it right the first time.

This video from EIBTM 2013 shows some of the impactfull things the MDI is able to realise for its  members, and with the support of its members.


the MDI activities at ONE tradeshow in a photo collage of 3 minutes: education, conversation and business!

Here are some of the things we have achieved since opening for membership in January 2006, and some of our future plans.


The Meeting Design Community and its Market

MDIis emerging as a global community of companies that deliver meeting design support. Over time, the community will help develop the meeting design market as a recognized component of the broader meetingsand even MARCOM industry. MDI membership is a unique opportunity to meet people and companies in the same market with similar or different products and explore opportunities for collaboration. By approaching the market together, under a single umbrella, members will increase the impact and profile of their own products and services.



The MDI website is open to everyone. It is a database on meeting support tools, services, books, articles or research interesting for meeting planners.


The Meeting architecture proces

The Meeting architecture Process and its underlying methodology are designed to help members position and market their products in an innovative way.

Learning Carousel  

The MDI Learning Carousel combines a fast presentation with a demo of meeting support tools and services.  This happens at stands and at our FRESH conference.  



We publish and sell several books help members explain and showcase their products and services.
our CATALOGUE is the only comprehensive catalogue in its kind and ur knowledge base is even 100 times bigger.


The Meeting Design Institute regularly presents at conferences hosted by MPI and its local chapters, other associations and at a variety of international events.



We receive support from magazines and media. Some publish our logo with link on their websites and some even give editorial space for our members!


Group Stands at Trade Shows

Members of the Meeting Design Institute join together to participate in trade shows across Europe and North America. All members are represented in catalogue / printed materials, and are welcome to purchase space at the group-stand at the lowest possible cost. It gives our members the possibility to be present at the big trade show in the meetings industry.



Our newsletter is sent to international meeting planners and press. It contains short, informative articles with a picture and a link. News from our members is included at no cost. New membersautomaticaly get a mention. 

Certification in Meeting Architecture

MDI is teaching a certification course of up to 10 days. A standard for meeting designers; meeting planners or suppliers. This certification will be based on our extensive curriculum and knowledge base (available on our website).


FRESH Conference

On Friday, April 20th 2007, we hosted our first annual Meeting Content Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The purpose of the conference is to educate meeting professionals about state-of-the-art strategies, tools, and techniques for improving learning, networking, and motivation at meetings. We assembled a number of high level speakers on very diverse topics that are new and innovative

Why become a member of MDI?

"The Meeting Design Institute provides content and inspiration for the meeting industry."

Erik Peekel / Aaaaha! the Actor Factory

"It was one big party, to talk to all those nice people at IMEX13 (and dining)! I went home full of inspiration, knowledge and wild plans."

Jan-Jaap In der Maur, Dagvoorzitter.nl

"I truelly enjoyed working with the MDI team and getting to know them not only as professionals but as people as well. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future."

Banks Holcombe, Quickmobile

"Met some great people and got to know some of the other players in our industry as well."

Dermott Madden, Lumi

Check out what Martin Klofver says in his testimonial video.

Or see the comments of Spotme founder, Banz Ledin in his short video.

Looking for a serious INTERNSHIP in the Meeting Design Industry? 
Check out this internship testimonial video!



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