The Beginner's Guide to Why You Should Use Unique Hashtags for Event Social Media Success

Hashtags can be found everywhere on the internet these days. The trend that first started on Twitter as a way to help users find other members with similar interests has now expanded to Facebook, Google+ and more.

Hashtags have grown rapidly in usage and popularity and companies, performing artists, and regular social media users have all adopted the hashtag as a way to target specific audiences, promote events, attract fans and to create buzz about a certain brand and/or business.

On Creating Unique Hashtags

The key to successful hashtag marketing is creating unique, catchy, and to the point hashtags that encourage users to reshare, retweet and repost. A hashtag such as #tech won't nearly be as successful as a more specific unique hashtag such as #LinuxConfAU. The first hashtag #tech is too generic and is most likely already being used outside of the context of your event. This is no good for you for a few reasons:

1. This overlap in hashtag use will "muddy the waters" when it comes to your event social media monitoring. For instance, if you decided to go with the hashtag "#tech", analysis on the tweets would include many tweeters outside of your event! This makes it near impossible to isolate the impact or your event.

2. Also generic hashtags like #tech and won't help your audience get an understanding of your event or brand your event. However, the hashtag #LinuxConfAU contains the details for the event within the tag and is unique. It can be easily shared with others, researched further by the Twittersphere and monitored by you.

To get a clearer understanding check out these Eventifier examples:

Most Contagious NYC 2013

Most Contagious London 2013

Both of these events were conducted on the same day by the same organization. While they initially were going to use one common hashtag, they wisely decided to switch to two unique hashtags for the events. With these unique hashtags we were able to gather all the great social content for each specific event!

Reasons to Use Hashtags on Social Media Platforms to Promote Events:

You Can Attract Wide Audiences - Using hashtags to promote events is a great way to go about attracting wide audiences and create buzz amongst social media platforms. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Youtube are just some of the social media platforms integrated hashtags. A recent study by Utah State University found that 43% of users found hashtags useful and actively reshared them, while 34% of users utilize hashtags to search for brands and products that interest them.

They Increase Your Visibility - Hashtags are a great way to increase the visibility of your business and are a simple way of tracking how many people are talking about or sharing your information. This can provide you with valuable key insights into the audience you are attracting and the amount of people who are talking about your event.

Free Promotion - Using unique, well thought out hashtags to promote your events is a great way to get free promotion across numerous social platforms. If you create a successful hashtag for your event that attracts the right audience, it has the potential to go viral quickly. This means free promotion for your event via the audience that re-shares or re-tweets your hashtag.

How to Use Unique Hashtags to Promote Your Events:

Short, Sweet and to the Point - Successful hashtags are never lengthy; rather they are short, catchy, to the point and include key points of your post. Make sure you use easy to remember words that apply to your event.

Promote, Promote, Promote - Your hashtag won't reach too many people if you don't promote it. Post it on your website, print it on your business cards, encourage all employees, friends and family to use your hashtag- do everything you can to get your hashtag out there.

Stay Engaged - Hashtags allow you to track who is talking about your event, sharing your event, and asking questions about your event. Answer questions, converse with followers who seem interested and make sure you stay engaged with your audience up until the event, through the event, and even after the event.

If you work for an event planning company, as an event marketing manager, as a social media manager or as an event organizer, unique hashtagging is a vital social media strategy for events of all sizes. Formulating your hashtags in a unique way is a great way to enhance user participation and to increase your visibility before, during and after your event!

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