FREE WEBINAR | 7 Ways to Make Co-Creation a Success

27 Jun 2016 16:30
27 Jun 2016 17:00

Co-creation happens when a (large) group of participants in a meeting produce an enormous quantity of (text) input in a short amount of time. The text input can be ideas, questions, answers, suggestions , etc.  This text is of high value to the organiser, speaker and participants. It can be used for future strategy or communication.

Word cloud generated during a co-creation activity at IMEX 2016 

What is this about?

This webinar focuses on several formats, techniques, tools and technology for co-creation.
How do you successfully get a group to collaborate and work?
How to harvest the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ succesfully?
We will look at the key success factors, we will show a few cases, results, successes, etc.



Sharing Economy session at IMEX 2016. During this session IMEX collected almost 200 inputs from the delegates.


Learner outcomes       

  • Learn the value of adding a co-creation movement to a meeting for Organiser, speaker and participants.
  • Learn the language and questions to ask when designing the session or implementing it.
  • Discover a range of technologies from simple to more comprehensive


Who should join?

Junior or senior planners interested in improving engagement, interaction, and the overall dynamics of meetings and sessions.


About the speaker


Maarten Vanneste (@maartenvanneste), started his company ABBIT in 1982. It grew from an AV company over production to a full service meeting design company.  After more than 30 years he is seen as a Meeting Industry leader and visionary with a focus on meeting design. 



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