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The FRESH conference will be a unique opportunity for meeting professionals to experience the Multi Hub format: a conference that happens in several cities at the same time. By being there, meeting professionals can really experience the new format and understand when the format works for their future events.

You meet

The Multi Hub format means that FRESH will take place in several cities or countries rather than in one place. Each Hub is a real, face to face meeting that takes place in one city. The participants will be local plus a number of people traveling to that hub. All hubs will be connected to each other in a high tech and innovative way that makes it feel as if everyone is in the same place. In every hub, all other hubs are visible. Every hub has a multi camera setup so the speakers or any individual participant can be on screen when speaking or asking a question. Every participant can use the table microphone to make himself heard by all the participants in all the hubs. A panel can have panel members in several or all hubs. Networking between hubs will be on the menu.

You learn

The program will have keynote speakers that speak for all the participants from all Hubs. The keynote speakers can be speaking from any hub so we may have one keynote from London and the next from Berlin. The local speakers do their presentation for the local audience of one hub. Each hub becomes a breakout room when the local speakers are speaking. Being a participant at a Multi Hub meeting enables you to explain this in the best possible way. Your clients will be impressed by you knowledge about the latest innovation in hybrid meetings. Tickets, registration system, multi venue coordination, the app in different places, the technology, the AV and internet needs, localised programs, the work of the DMC, PCO, etc. everything becomes different and our team will present their findings, but experiencing the multi hub format is really the only way to understand fully what it enables.

You connect

Fresh will use several tools and technologies to create interactivity between all participants wherever they are. Voting or audience response system will allow all participants to vote from all hubs and the results that will be shown on the screen will be the accumulated results from all the Hubs. A co-creation or discussion software will be available to all participants and in every discussion there can be members of all the hubs, working together on one topic. This results in virtual breakouts where participants of all hubs join in a text-based environment. If you’re not yet convinced, the FRESH Multi Hub Conference will showcase several innovations in gamification, networking, mobile apps, etc. All that result in a great and dynamic meeting spread over several hubs, but together and connected in many ways.

You choose

As a participant, you will be able to go to a hub in your own city, and if there is no hub nearby, you can choose to join any of the cities where you would like to go. You can choose the hub based on the proximity, travel cost, the local speakers, other participants you want to see in person, etc. As a partner you can choose to send your local representative and/or showcase how your tool works for a Multi Hub format. FRESH again takes the lead in meeting design, not only by connecting game-changing speakers with an influential FRESH community, but also by showing an exciting format like Multi Hub and allowing all to experience it first-hand.

You help

Be part of the local team as the facilitator, the venue, a student, the DMC, etc. Get ready for the future by learning how Multi Hub works and overcome the challenges that planning one conference in many cities works. Become a partner and make your tool or service ready for the future. Become a volunteer and learn among other great meeting designers and planners about the latest.

You call

Contact the FRESH team at   or +32 1 444 88 31 and become the leader in designing your client’s meetings and events in a way that will change their view on what a meeting or event is. Multi Hub is the future of meetings.

Current Partners:  EventMobi, Conferize, Abbit Meeting Innovators, The Red Line Project.

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