Are you a student looking for a challenging experience within the meetings industry? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE: join the FRESH team and be part of the unforgettable FRESH Conference in Barcelona.  The application is now open: hurry up, we have only 5 places for the smartest ones!

When and where?
FRESH is taking place from 21 to 23 June, in the Hesperia Tower in Barcelona. Read more about the conference and watch a short summary video 

Who are we looking for?
Open-minded, positive and energetic students, ready to perform several ad hock tasks.
Preferably students of event management, marketing, communication or similar.
Fluency in English is a must.

Your tasks
You will be performing several tasks during three days of the conference, which includes
  • Social media watchdog
  • Social media publisher 
  • Robot buddy
  • Hybrid Angel
  • Registration desk
  • Speaker assistant
  • Office support
... and many more!

​Why to become a student volunteer?
You will be able to experience dozens of new tools and participate in the forward thinking sessions. FRESH is also a great place for networking with top industry players. Not yet convinced? Read FRESH14 student testimonials below.

How to apply?
Please send your CV to
Don’t forget to convince us in your email why you’re the best candidate!
Deadline is Monday, the 4th of May

What do we offer?
All FRESH volunteers are granted full free entrance to the conference, including all coffee and lunch breaks and dinners. You need to cover your own travel and accomodation costs if necessary. 

FRESH14 student testimonials 

Meet Johanna, FRESH14 Hybrid Angel
As a volunteer student I literally got to experience FRESH backstage for instance as the hybrid angel host I gave the online audience the backstage experience. FRESH is a new way of thinking, this by crowdsourcing, you and others share your thoughts and experiences. This is the ultimate way for me to learn and understand others point of view. As a FRESH member of the industry I got to know a whole new network from every corner of the world, both online and offline, Cant wait to get reFRESHed again. 

Meet Laurentiu, FRESH14 Robot buddy & Photographer Assistant
First of all the content presented is amazing and even if you are not into events, you definitely get overwhelmed by the quality of the sessions, the speakers and the cases presented, the variety of formats and the techniques used to engage the audience. You get to see first hand the challenges addressed when organizing large scale events, find out the insights from the ones responsible and also you have to chance to see/ and even try how various 

 technologies, apps and gadgets can be used to make your events more attractive. In other words you get to see a full movie and not just the trailer on how to make your event happen and produce the desired effect.On the other hand you have to chance to meet and network with amazing people, experts in the field and even trendsetters.It is a unique experience and even if you do not get paid is worth every minute. Aside from that, you have to chance to make new friends, try out some delicious organic snacks, brain food  and so on and even visit  some very nice locations.It is up to you to decide if being a volunteer pays off, but from my point of view it is an experience that will change your perception about how things run on a higher level.  

Meet Gosia, Technical and Registration Assistant
Being a student volunteer at the FRESH14 Conference was an unforgettable experience. During the conference I met many interesting people, professionals from the meeting industry from all over the world. In conversation with them I found the inspiration for the master thesis. Being a part of the FRESH team gave me a unique opportunity to see all the activities behind the scenes. I could see how much work it takes to do an awesome event for very picky audience. Those three days in January were very intense, but it is the thing one needs to get used to if one wants to work in meetings. FRESH increased my knowledge about the people, tools and technology used in the meetings industry. Using the new session format and the latest technological trends, this conference proves to be one of the most interesting in the meetings business.
It is a place to be for students who would like to work in this industry.

Meet Ana, Registration and Office Assistant
would say that being a student volunteer at FRESH gives a great opportunity to good networking. It also gave much knowledge about the latest and newest techniques within the meeting industry. Most of all I would like to say that the FRESH team really takes good care of all the student volunteers and makes sure everyone enjoys themselves and get the opportunity to learn and make new contacts.

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