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Customised and interactive event platform tool for attendee involvement and knowledge sharing

Customised and interactive event platform tool for attendee involvement and knowledge sharing


Savvy is an interactive event tool which stimulates knowledge sharing amongst participants during a congress or event and creates involvement between them. Participants have the opportunity to vote, ask questions to the speaker, fill in a word cloud, play games, chat with each other and fill in surveys at any given moment. They can do all of this via their own smartphone, tablet or laptop without needing to download any apps or software. Next to that, the system does not depend on the on-site Wi-Fi; Savvy brings and maintains their own isolated Wi-Fi network. The tool has a unique streaming ability, which allows attendees to view the slides of presentations on their device in real-time or at their own pace.


Networking and sharing knowledge

Using the Savvy event tool contributes to the learning and networking possibilities of attendees. With the build-in chat module everybody will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences, gain new knowledge and build-up a network.


Event information on-line

The system has a digital programme guide, speaker profiles, personalised agenda and a floor plan of the location. This eliminates the use of paper, allowing a paperless event.


Reporting and analysis for future events

The ROI is that the system collects all valuable data that is then delivered in a complete report to be used to analyse the whole event, improving the overall 'event experience' of the next event even more.


About Savvy

Savvy is a level-headed Dutch company with extensive experience in the events industry. Savvy originated from the need of congress organisers that were missing real involvement and interactivity during a congress or event. They were looking for solutions to solve this problem and to turn a good event into an extraordinary event. The Savvy team likes to think with their customers, to discover the best solution for each unique congress and meeting.


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Senior Sales Advisor



Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands

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