Why you must be hand in glove with your potential participants

Attracting participants to conferences is one of the main challenges for all event organizers. What can help is making your event client-oriented and “exclusive”. Interesting topics, discussions of vital issues, famous speakers and thought-leaders, unusual event format... Right. But I'd like to focus on one of the best motivators for people to attend an event, that is personal engagement in preparation of this event. Conferences are organized for attendees, so that they get answers to their professional questions, share ideas and opinions, meet peers. That is why organizers must keep their key audience in mind all the time, starting from working out the theme and topics of the event. But not just keep in mind, but take a lively interest in their problems and questions. If you want the event theme to resonate with the audience, you must ensure interaction of all parties involved in the event – organizers, participants, and speakers. You must immerse potential participants in crafting the event content. There are a lot of technical capacities for it now, when you can create a conference group, hold surveys, involve speakers and thought-leaders, communicate regularly with potential visitors and registered attendees. Read more here: http://blog.omyconf.com/?p=474 In such a way, you create more personal experience and communication between participants, organizers, and speakers, and build an emotional connection of the participants to the event. As a result it increases their desire to attend the sessions and events, the content of which they actively helped to create. Such approach drastically increases the percentage of registered attendees. And if some of them would not come they will be in the front line to attend your next event.

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