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Agenda MDI at #IMEX16

19 Apr 2016 10:00
21 Apr 2016 17:00
Messe Frankfurt
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If you are interested in meeting design, the following education and networking opportunities should be added to your IMEX diary.

Monday, April 18

Lessons Learned from Launching a New Event-FRESH Conference

WEBINAR Tuesday, March 13th at 11 am Eastern / 3 pm GMT
FRESH Cpnference: Lessons Learned from Launching a New Event
Guest Speaker: Maarten Vanneste, CMM, FRESH Conference Visionary Founder

Are We On The Edge of a Virtual-Business Revolution?

Virtual events are becoming a companion to physical events. The virtual continuum ranges from webcasts to virtual events to virtual spaces, moving through greater levels of engagement and collaboration.

Slideshare: Creating Brain Friendly Presentations

From MidCourse Corrections

1. Give time for meaning making and connect info with old knowledge

2. The presentation must be fun, new and show it as it was an story

3. Use unusual and meaningful visuals connected with the story you want to tell

4. Content should be chunked in 10 minutes segments

New Presentation Management System

Preseria AS, founded in 2008, is an innovative software company focusing on providing high end software solutions for conference planners, technical staff and speakers. We create innovative technologies and software geared towards the meeting and event industry. With several thousand users Preseria AS is securing its position amongst professional presenters and organizers as the new industry standard. Our products increase the competitiveness of our costumers in an already tough market. Preseria Conference makes life easier for presenters and conference organizers.

Emotions, Learning and Education

Summary Report from an OECD-CER Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

As there are 34 000 classified emotions, the question arises as to how are teachers supposed to recognize and deal with the emotional states of their students, when most of the time the students don’t even know what they are feeling themselves.....
Is it possible to develop a coherent framework for dealing with emotions that does not produce confusion?

Bottom-line: Hybrid Meetings And Events Deliver More Value - PowerPoints

Are you on the fence about hybrid meetings and events? Not sure they are right for your next conference? Or perhaps you’ve decided to take the plunge and are not sure what equipment is needed or where to begin.

read more: Bottom-line: Hybrid Meetings And Events Deliver More Value

Modernizing Conference Education

With all the advancements in society and research on how the brain works, why is it that most conference education still provides talking heads and passive listeners? Is that best for your attendees?

You can see the PowerPoint from a short 12-minute TED-style presentation in the following website:

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