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Webges:software and services for conference organizers

WEBGES provides a complete modular solution with a proven software platform and efficient services to manage: Member Management, Registration, Program and Presentation Distribution.

Pain in the brain of the meeting planner?

The pain was almost palpable at IMEX in Frankfurt. I talked to a few people clearly worried or expressing concern about the challenges to innovate and to move forward in the meeting industry. Some individual planners as well as some leaders from big organisations literally expressed their frustration with this challenge. They felt it was difficult and clients or staff didn't seem able to make the necessary innovation happen despite a few years of trying. But they couldn't put their finger on what is causing it...

5 of Today´s Top Meeting Trends

These are all fads and trends that have occurred during the past. A large segment of the population adopted these trends and followed them with great enthusiasm for some period of time.
Five Meeting Trends To Watch!
So what´s being adopted within the meetings industry today? Here are five trends the trend spotters have found in today´s meetings and events.
1. Agility Rules

From Boring To Beneficial Conference Education

Let’s face it. Most conference education is yawn-stirring, sleepy-eyed, ho-hum, day-old soggy Melba-toast tasting boring.

It makes root-canals seem fun!

Regardless, the human brain loves to learn.

In spite of our age, culture, gender and race, our brains are designed to always be on the prowl for new things to discover and experience. The brain is genetically programmed to learn. It’s in our DNA.
Our brains love to learn!

Food for thought by Andrea Sullivan from Brain Strength Systems and The National Conference Center Professionals

Enhancing Meetings Through Food 
How can we increase the learning and the effectiveness in our meetings? 
"Meeting success is mainly impacted by meals served at breakfast and lunch." 

See how food, mind and body are connected in the following article: 

Brain-Friendly Meetings by Andrea Sullivan

10 Ways to make your Programs Effective, Engaging and Memorable in the Digital Age.

Everything we experience changes our brain through the brain’s “neuroplasticity,” its lifelong ability to rewire itself. Each new technology we adopt changes not only our culture and lifestyle, but the brain itself. It’s not so much the content delivered — not the information or the entertainment. It’s the activities we’re involved in Andrea Sullivan, M.A. when using the technology.

Want To Be A More Strategic Meeting Professional?

Defining The Strategic Meeting Professional

So what exactly does being more strategic mean? How can those charged with managing the details begin thinking differently without overlooking the logistics? Here are seven perspectives to adopt to transition from logistics to strategic thinking.

1. Transition from details to relationships.

Improving Conference Attendee Experiences

Experiences are better when conferences are built around people.

The conference experience greatly improves for all stakeholders when they are built around people and their relationships.

Traditional Conference Experience

Lessons Learned from Launching a New Event-FRESH Conference

WEBINAR Tuesday, March 13th at 11 am Eastern / 3 pm GMT
FRESH Cpnference: Lessons Learned from Launching a New Event
Guest Speaker: Maarten Vanneste, CMM, FRESH Conference Visionary Founder

In search of Learning Agility

The central premise is that enduring competitive advantage must be built on organizational learning agility — meaning an organization’s ability to respond to adaptive challenge through the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. The authors, Clark and Gottfredson,  sketch three distinct stages of learning agility: 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, and illustrate a clear path forward for the meaningful use of learning technologies in organizations.

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