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Designing the social experience

What are your goals and objectives for actively participating in the social conversation at your event? Increasing the number of followers or improving the attendee experience?

EXPERT on Visual Communication: Christof Breidenich

Since 2008 Dr. Christof Breidenich has been Professor for Mediadesign and Design Management at the Macromedia University for Applied Sciences, Campus Cologne.

Get More from Your Event Spending

Event marketing is currently a very expensive and sloppy process in most firms because the relevant information is fragmented, difficult to assemble, and the “database” is often a pile of business cards. But it needn’t be that way. The means for more careful thinking about the big money you may already be spending is at your fingertips.

Social Media Power Plays for Events - an eBook by Cvent

Social media tactics that served you well during the pre-event cycle don’t necessarily carry over once the event goes live.

How to grow the audience for your next event

26 Feb 2015 12:00
26 Feb 2015 12:45
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How do you use Social Media to market your event? How can event technology help to grow your audience?

Social Media Automation

When coming up with your social media strategy, do you include automation?

IMEX: 10 Meeting Design Campfires

20 May 2014 10:00
22 May 2014 12:30
IMEX Frankfurt 2014, Meeting Design Hub, Show Floor, Stand D780
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MSI is increasing the number of educational opportunities for meeting professionals. At IMEX Frankfurt 2014 we’re launching the Meeting Design Campfire – a new space for the knowledge exchange, information and networking opportunities for our members.

Below the list of 10 sessions at IMEX Meeting Design Campfire:

A Twitter Conference Primer: Part 1 – Preparing For The Event

6 Steps To Prepare To Use Twitter For Your Event

1. Provide wireless Internet connections
Before you consider using Twitter or other social media at your event, ensure that your attendees have free wifi access when onsite. Did you include wireless internet access as part of your venue negotiations? If not, how’s the cell phone reception in the venue? Tell your venue that they have a vested interest in being part of the online conversations.

2. Create a hash tag for your event.

New Movies Have Preview Trailers: What Does Your Upcoming Conference Education Have?

Does your conference education have coming attraction previews?

No, not those stale electronic and printed marketing pieces with descriptions, bios and pictures.
Does your organization provide smart, savvy, provocative short video clips of upcoming education designed to attract buyers?

The Movie Trailer Promotion

When you go to the movies, the first 10-15 minutes before the movie starts is spent on preview trailers of upcoming movies.

The Beginner's Guide to Why You Should Use Unique Hashtags for Event Social Media Success

Hashtags can be found everywhere on the internet these days. The trend that first started on Twitter as a way to help users find other members with similar interests has now expanded to Facebook, Google+ and more.

(ScienceDaily) Popcorn at the Movies: Oral Interference Sabotages Advertising Effects

Oct. 11, 2013 — Advertising uses repetition to increase consumers' preference for brands. Initially, novel brands gain in popularity due to repetition, which increases the likelihood that consumers later buy the brands. Particularly for novel brands, excessive exposure and repetition is necessary to establish the brand name in the first place. Remember your initial irritation upon encountering the names YAHOO, GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA for the first time; now they are imprinted in your brain.

Free Sample of The Tweeting Meeting!

Download this free sample of The Tweeting Meeting and decide if you want to get your copy of this book in paper or PDF. The Tweeting Meeting is about Social Media and Networks for Meetings and events. 14 Authors worked together to create a comprehensive work with a pure focus on meeting and events.

Download the below attachment.

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