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EXPERT on Micro Expressions: Yann Van den Branden

Yann is a speaker on micro expressions and how you can use them to learn more about your 'opponent' in a commercial situation. Yann mostly teaches interactive sessions, trainings, workshops with real exercises for the participants or as a keynote speaker for a larger group. Yann has reference in large corporations in the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and automotive world, from the USA over Japan to Russia. As an Actor he is also a member of the international business communication theatre group called YESSI JADA.

Dianne Lowther, NLP Master Trainer

Dianne Lowther is a Master Trainer of NLP and owner of Brilliant Minds.  She specialises in 'soft' skills development for Senior Executives including all aspects of communication, personal impact and presentation skills.  As a former competitive public speaker and debater, she understands fully the skills of engaging an audience and her 'Brilliant Presentations' programme offers the opportunity to learn how to prepare and deliver a presentation to achieve specific results.

Speaker: Coach in public speaking: Peggy Richie

Peggy Richie (1974) is an experienced presenter, coach and trainer with heart and soul for her audience. In her career she has proven many times how important it is to know the difference between what you say and how you say it. She has encountered many different kinds of audiences and has lived through many different situations on stage.

Kinesthetic Modeling:Whole Body VizThink

I’ve seen John Ward do his magic with models and clay but this year at VizThink in San Jose the core message really sank in. It had to do with the way our body uses imagery in its core processing. It’s an understanding that is at the heart of why graphic facilitation works and how to deepen its impact.

John ran a session at VizThink titled “Kinesthetic Modeling: Visual Thinking in 3 Dimensions” along with fellow facilitators Regina Rowland, Nick Payne, and Julie Gieseke—all skilled graphic facilitators.

Relaxation increases energy and focus

Relaxation increases energy and focus

When stress is out-of-control, it can get in the way of your ability to:

* Think clearly and creatively
* Communicate clearly
* Accurately “read” other people
* Hear what someone is really saying
* Trust others
* Attend to your own needs

The Back of a Napkin by Dan Roam

Dan Roam believes that any problem can be solved with a picture!

Dan is the Author of International bestseller 'The Back of a Napkin' which has been published in 25 languages.  Dan believes that 'business' is behind in visual thinking and we (and our ideas) suffer for it.

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