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EXPERT on Micro Expressions: Yann Van den Branden

Yann is a speaker on micro expressions and how you can use them to learn more about your 'opponent' in a commercial situation. Yann mostly teaches interactive sessions, trainings, workshops with real exercises for the participants or as a keynote speaker for a larger group. Yann has reference in large corporations in the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and automotive world, from the USA over Japan to Russia. As an Actor he is also a member of the international business communication theatre group called YESSI JADA.

Dan Tobin - Corporate Learning Strategist

Dan has worked in the training and development field for 30 years, including four years as vice president of design and development at the American Management Association, eleven years at Digital Equipment Corporation where he founded Digital’s Network University, and two years at Wang Global/Getronics where he founded Wang Global/Getronics Virtual University.  Dan has extensive experience in management development, executive education, sales and sales support training and technical education.

John Martinez (Speaker)

John has 25 years of experience in software development for the meetings industry and conference management. John comes from a strong PCO background, as past General Manager of Congrex Holland and is the co-founder of Shocklogic. John is a frequent speaker at industry events and has written several papers on project management, abstract management and other meeting related issues.

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