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IMEX Frankfurt 2013

21 May 2013 10:00
23 May 2013 12:19
Frankfurt-Messe-Hall 8
IMEX - the only meetings and incentive travel exhibition to combine attendance by a major outbound market with hosted international buyers.

Meeting Support Institute Activities:

1. Web Interviews

Do you want to learn about Meeting Formats, Hybrid Events and get to know what they think the industry leaders?
Then, do not miss the following Web Tv Interviews.

4 Best Practices for Getting Presenters to Submit Their Materials

When it comes to getting things done on time, it’s not easy. It’s in our nature to wait until the last minute to do even the most important things like Christmas shopping or doing our taxes. And, there are many things in life we commit to, yet don’t follow through on such as: helping people move, paying bills on time or just walking the dog. We’re human, what can you expect?

SUPPLIER: Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation can be used in meetings to capture a group’s ideas and information in pictures, words and colours. This type of meeting facilitation is well suited for strategic planning and visioning meetings, it helps cultivate big-picture thinking and allows a group to visually map out complex situations, identify problems and opportunities and helps attendees reach a shared vision upon which they can build their next steps. Research shows it has to do with the way our body uses imagery in its core processing.

VIDEO: Meetings Under the Microscope by Carina Bauer

  Carina Bauer about one of the Special Projects of IMEX, since 2009, the 'Meetings Under the Microscope' project.

Why sleep-friendly meetings matter

Chris and Charlotte Martins discover the costs of sleep deprivation during residential conferences, and find that the industry is awakening to the problem

A Daily Telegraph report on January 3 notes that better sleep can ‘wake up your mind and increase your brain power’, and that sleep deprivation will ‘affect decision-making and the ability to absorb and adapt to new information.’ 

Delegates five senses

Every event organiser is looking for something to Wow their guests and B[EYE]T offer a truly innovative and inspirational dining experience… An innovative way to communicate, A unique way to present, And a fantastic way to enjoy. The table, an icon of communication and enjoyment, becomes a stage for penetrative communication. A medium with unlimited possibilities: storytelling using atmospheric images and powerful brand communication, but also sounds, live performances and special effects in which the guests become part of the experience.

Kinesthetic Modeling:Whole Body VizThink

I’ve seen John Ward do his magic with models and clay but this year at VizThink in San Jose the core message really sank in. It had to do with the way our body uses imagery in its core processing. It’s an understanding that is at the heart of why graphic facilitation works and how to deepen its impact.

John ran a session at VizThink titled “Kinesthetic Modeling: Visual Thinking in 3 Dimensions” along with fellow facilitators Regina Rowland, Nick Payne, and Julie Gieseke—all skilled graphic facilitators.

Relaxation increases energy and focus

Relaxation increases energy and focus

When stress is out-of-control, it can get in the way of your ability to:

* Think clearly and creatively
* Communicate clearly
* Accurately “read” other people
* Hear what someone is really saying
* Trust others
* Attend to your own needs

The Back of a Napkin by Dan Roam

Dan Roam believes that any problem can be solved with a picture!

Dan is the Author of International bestseller 'The Back of a Napkin' which has been published in 25 languages.  Dan believes that 'business' is behind in visual thinking and we (and our ideas) suffer for it.

Live Communication Agency

Creating an environment which is brand sensitive and helps accelerate the objectives of your event is key. De Otter Creators offer a truly creative approach in the field of live communications specialising in the creation, development and direction of effective live communication concepts, which always have their roots in the customer's original marketing strategy.

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