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The Power of Music in Meetings

Music is an important and valuable element in meetings. At least that is what entertainment agencies try to tell us. Is this true or are they just selling entertainment and therefore nothing important?

Survey Report: The State of the Meeting Design Industry

The Meeting Design Industry Is Growing

FREE DOWNLOAD: The list of iPad APP's for Meetings and Events

This below attached PDF has a nice overview from early 2012 for iPad Apps for meetings and event. a variation form brainstorm tools to registration tools. If you have an Ipad, This is what you should look at.
Stefania is also an International speaker on the topic and spoke at FRESH12.

Musical Ages: How Our Taste in Music Changes Over a Lifetime

The explosion in music consumption over the last century has made 'what you listen to' an important personality construct as well as the root of many social and cultural tribes -- and, for many people, their self-perception is closely associated with musical preference. We would perhaps be reluctant to admit that our taste in music alters -- softens even -- as we get older.

FRESH Conference

FRESH:   Experience the future of meeting effectiveness. (survey ).  The FRESH Conference is fully focused on the content, design, production and measurement of meetings and events. It's called FRESH because it launches, tests and demonstrates dozens of new formats, new technology tools, smart science and FRESH techniques to improve meeting effectiveness. 

AMEX study finds virtual meeting technology "Alternative or Enabler"

North America and Western Europe Lead Use of New Technology for Business Travel According to a New Industry Study

Survey Results Indicate New Technology Adopters are not Just Gen Y; Veteran Travelers Have Expressed Just as Much Use of New Collaboration Technologies; New Educational Web site Launched to Guide Travel Professionals through Virtual Meeting Adoption

NEW YORK, September 14, 2010 --

Social Media: How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter To Make Your Event A Success

Twitter behavior at events. Our most important findings:

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