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MDI membership offer at IMEX15

19 May 2015 10:00
Dwonload below the special MDI Membership offer at IMEX Frankfurt 2015
For any questions please contact Sandie:

Survey Report: The State of the Meeting Design Industry

The Meeting Design Industry Is Growing

Computer games and learning handbook

(Future Lab) Aimed at teachers and those interested in using games with an educational intent, this handbook aims to provide some useful anchoring points for educators to make sense of the area and to develop practical approaches to the use of computer games as a medium for learning.

Male creative brainstorm improves with picture of girl

Evolutionary psychology sais that men perform better in the presence of a woman. Men can't seem to help but try to impress women.

Social Media and events report 2011 by Amiando

Amiando has published an interesting report about the actual usage of social media in the events industry. One of the main findings of the research, based on a survey conducted among almost 1,000 event organizers, is that Facebook is the most used social media channel by event marketers.

The paper also provides useful social media marketing tips for event organizers.


These MAP matrixes contain tips, ideas and tools to get you started, or to keep the conversation going during the MAP process. You can alo use them to prepare for a meeting or to search for tools; on your own or in a team.

In the Meeting Support Matrix you will find many tools  but not all. 

Warning: Some of these tools could be applied to several cells but we limited to one only.

Good luck with applying these!

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