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FRESH goes Multi Hub: Join the conversation now!

The FRESH conference will be a unique opportunity for meeting professionals to experience the Multi Hub format: a conference that happens in several cities at the same time. By being there, meeting professionals can really experience the new format and understand when the format works for their future events.

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FRESH dinner at IMEX Las Vegas 2015

13 Oct 2015 19:00
13 Oct 2015 22:00
Madame Tussauds - Las Vegas


FRESH15 supported the Narrative Foundation Music Project

During the FRESH Conference the artist Jano Kettunen painted several portrait illustrations to help the FRESH

Humor in Action

At FRESH15, we focus on art; applicable art for meetings and events. One of the 7 segment of art in the Meeting Architecture taxonomy is  performing arts.

FRESH15 Session: Art, Design and Presentations

Tim Ferguson kicks off the session by elaborating on Christof’s talk about the importance of design for meetings. He applies his ideas to the events industry, saying that event planners should design experience frameworks and then let attendees co-create their own content.

FRESH15 Awards

FRESH15 Keynote: How Events Link the WOW to the AHA (30 min video)

Sharing ideas and networking often give a rise to new ideas. Innovation is therefore something that happens at meetings and events.

9 FRESH Ideas for Transforming Your Events

Infusing interaction into your conference can be a daunting task! Interaction can be scary as you need to give up some of your control and let your attendees take the reins. Luckily, there is a place where you, as an event planner, can try new interactive meeting formats before you apply them at your event..


It’s rare to see such a beautiful session opening like the one by Joshua Samson who played soothing melodies on the halo drum. This interactive session is all about connectin

Keynote: Get ready for Change

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