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5 Vital Steps for Audience Participation Success

I’ve just returned from IMEX – the events industry’s flagship conference – where I presented a campfire session on behalf of the Meetings Design Institute

A Very Short Guide to Brain-Friendly Meetings

Our brains develop to retain information that seems important and to block out what seems like noise. Here's how to get — and keep — your attendees' attention. 

5 Ways to Turn Panels from Boring To Brilliant

Panels can be deadly dull, but they don’t have to be.
Here's how you can make them much, much better.


The Five Golden Rules of Adult Learning Every #EventProf Needs to Know, Backed by Science

You know the situation. You bring your delegates to a conference room and seat them in the audience. They cross their arms, put on a teach-me face, and expect presenters to teach them new stuff or skills without any active involvement.

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