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EXPERT on Visual Communication: Christof Breidenich

Since 2008 Dr. Christof Breidenich has been Professor for Mediadesign and Design Management at the Macromedia University for Applied Sciences, Campus Cologne.

EXPERT on Design: Horge Perez

FRESH15 between Art and Technology …

FRESH15 Explores The Future

WebVisions is an exciting series of conferences that explore the future of design, technology, digital media and more.

EXPERT on Micro Expressions: Yann Van den Branden

Yann is a speaker on micro expressions and how you can use them to learn more about your 'opponent' in a commercial situation. Yann mostly teaches interactive sessions, trainings, workshops with real exercises for the participants or as a keynote speaker for a larger group. Yann has reference in large corporations in the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and automotive world, from the USA over Japan to Russia. As an Actor he is also a member of the international business communication theatre group called YESSI JADA.

New Presentation Management System

Preseria AS, founded in 2008, is an innovative software company focusing on providing high end software solutions for conference planners, technical staff and speakers. We create innovative technologies and software geared towards the meeting and event industry. With several thousand users Preseria AS is securing its position amongst professional presenters and organizers as the new industry standard. Our products increase the competitiveness of our costumers in an already tough market. Preseria Conference makes life easier for presenters and conference organizers.

EXPERT on Brain food: Andrea Sullivan, M.A.

Brain Food: Menu Choices for Enhancing Mood, Learning & Performance in Meetings 

For more than 25 years, people have benefited from Andrea Sullivan’s expertise. Her specialization in understanding the application of brain research has helped organizations with their learning design, group dynamics, organizational growth and leadership. Now she brings the expertise to IACC to discuss how food enhances moods, learning, and performance in meetings.

Mary Boone

Mary E. Boone is president of Boone Associates located in Essex, CT. She is a leading authority on organizational communication, leadership development and large-scale interactive meetings. Her firm’s client list spans a wide array of public and private organizations – such as IBM, NASA, JPMorganChase, ConocoPhillips, AARP, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the United States Army.
Boone Associates assists clients in these areas:

Organizational Communication

Presentation: Meeting technology by Samuel J. Smith

(in Februari 2009 Sam Smith moved from Switzerland to the USA.)

A presentation about technology for a meeting industry audience.
It informs about technology from Voting systems to Social networks.

Ideal as a pannel with technology providers (based on the Meeting Support Institute members).
Sam Smith coordinates and has a presentation to introduce the topic.
Each panelist gets time for a short presentation.
This Interactive session is moderated, facilitated by Sam Smith.

as seen at EIBTM 2009, Barcelona, Spain.

Elling Hamso - Norway

How do you know what Return on Investment your meetings and events provide to different stakeholders? Do your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and organization get good value for their money? The European Event ROI Institute represents the ROI Institute Inc. and the Phillips ROI Measurement Model in the meetings and event industry in Europe. The Phillips model has been developed by Jack Phillips for over 20 years in the field of human relations and training. More than 2000 practitioners have been certified by the ROI Institute, including 70% of the Fortune 500 companies.

Speaker Holger Nauheimer

 A speaker and consultant on Change in Complex Environments

Speaker: Coach in public speaking: Peggy Richie

Peggy Richie (1974) is an experienced presenter, coach and trainer with heart and soul for her audience. In her career she has proven many times how important it is to know the difference between what you say and how you say it. She has encountered many different kinds of audiences and has lived through many different situations on stage.

dr. Susanne Piët

Dr. Susanne Piët is a psychologist and acclaimed conceptual trend guru who further specialises in communication, strategy and the science of emotions. She has written over a dozen books.

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