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Meeting Design THE POWER OF THE CROWD How do you use the wisdom of the crowds? Participants attend conferences to gain more knowledge, but as a group they also bring with them a wealth of experience and brainpower. Those who exploit the full potential of the interaction contribute immense added value to their conference. The time is ripe for this, argue four specialists in the field of conferences and crowdsourcing.

Info Lern und Change Events

Kongresse, Symposien, Jahrestagungen, Mitarbeiterveranstaltungen, Führungsforen,
Auftakt-Events, Kick-offs … – ob für 30 oder 300 Personen: Wer Veranstaltungen
neu konzipieren oder bestehende Designs aufpeppen will, der findet in
diesem Werkbuch viele Ideen, Beispiele, Ablaufpläne, Checklisten, Parameter,
Leitlinien und Planungshilfen. Mit vielen Fotos und Skizzen.
Das Ideenbuch bietet all das, was man für Events braucht:

René Vanhove

René is a creative project manager for meetings, events and live communication. His background is theatre and René has almost 20 years of experience in the meeting industry. He has been working in Africa, the Middle East and all over Europe for corporate and institutional clients. He does conceptual work, preproduction and production / staging with a dynamic focus on shaping the client’s message into a live experience.

Which is more important Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Intelligence Quotient (IQ)?

Emotional Quotient (EQ) refers to an employee's ability to understand his or her emotions whereas Intelligence Quotient (IQ) defines the level of intelligence an employee possesses to understand, interpret and implement one's knowledge in varied situations. Which one is more effective to manage teams and get results?

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Object Oriented Modeling Of Social Networks

The aim of this paper is to explain principles of object oriented modeling in the scope of modeling dynamic social networks. As such, the approach of object oriented modeling is advocated within the field of organizational research that focuses on networks. We provide a brief introduction into the field of social networks and present an owerview of existing network models and methods.

How does one do a fair evaluation of one’s team members?

Here is a common set of measurable performance criteria that we need to consider for evaluation of our employees.
  • Attendance
  • Communication skills
  • Quality of Work
  • Improvement
  • Team Work
  • Productivity

The above list is not an exhaustive one. Please feel free to add the measurable performance criteria that we need to consider for fair evaluation of employees?

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