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Survey Report: The State of the Meeting Design Industry

The Meeting Design Industry Is Growing

How MSI Internship kick-started her career.

Rosa started her career at the Meetingsupport Institute as an intern. Listen to her story.

Emotions, Learning and Education

Summary Report from an OECD-CER Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

As there are 34 000 classified emotions, the question arises as to how are teachers supposed to recognize and deal with the emotional states of their students, when most of the time the students don’t even know what they are feeling themselves.....
Is it possible to develop a coherent framework for dealing with emotions that does not produce confusion?

Sustainable Learning In Meetings

Introduction    - fyi: 'Introduction' is part one of 8 sections in the whole article -    Research pertaining to learning styles suggests that it is important to first define learning and then styles of learning. According to B. F. Skinner (1974), learning is any change in behavior. Harasyrn, Leong, Lucier, and Lorsheider (1995) define learning as "a relatively permanent change in performance by an individual" (Section s, p. 56).

Lifelong Learning

From Lifelong Education to Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning - along with ideas such as 'the learning society' - has become popular with politicians and policymakers in a number of countries. But what do people mean by it?
Is the idea of lifelong learning helpful?

Contents: education is life - lifelong education - lifelong learning - conclusion  - further reading  

Music influences memory

Introduction Music and emotion are very closely related. Whether subtle or profound, the effect that music has on us cannot be underestimated. Simply remembering a particular piece of music can produce an emotion in us, and people play certain types of music depending on their feelings at the time. Music can be used to great effect: in movies, music may be used to add tension to a scene or to emphasise a sad moment.

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