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5 Vital Steps for Audience Participation Success

I’ve just returned from IMEX – the events industry’s flagship conference – where I presented a campfire session on behalf of the Meetings Design Institute

Cat got your tongue? Five ways to improve audience Q&A at events

Cat got your tongue? Five ways to improve audience Q&A at events
Suddenly you're staring out at a desolate wasteland of Easter Island statues and unsure hands half hovering in the air. 

Your e-book guide to increase audience engagement

Discover new icebreakers
Kick off your conference with engaging icebreakers 
and bring your delegates together right at the start.

Host successful Q&A sessions
Turn your attendees into active participants 
and make them part of your event Q&A sessions.

Maarten Vanneste, always working for yourself

Listen to the podcast done by Grass Shack to the Meeting Design Institute President, Maarten Vanneste about the start of his career, the challenges he faced for the last 30 years, and where the meeting industry is and should be moving forward.

A Very Short Guide to Brain-Friendly Meetings

Our brains develop to retain information that seems important and to block out what seems like noise. Here's how to get — and keep — your attendees' attention. 

5 Ways to Turn Panels from Boring To Brilliant

Panels can be deadly dull, but they don’t have to be.
Here's how you can make them much, much better.


Creative seats and branding-solution for events

Tim Vardy developed a creative seat and branding-solution for events - the FestivalChairs. If you are you looking for a unique way of refreshing and personalize your events, this cool stools are definitively a great option. How does it work?

LEGO Serious Play

We experienced at The FRESH Conference how LEGO can be a great and engaging tool to facilitate the learning.

Wearable Technology for Events

We all are hearing about wearables today. There are several devices with different features and the main players are investing huge amounts on getting devices to the consumer market.

Inject These 5 Education Disruptors In Your Conference


Brain science is not a fad and neither is online learning.

Could Your Meeting Use a Little Drama?

For centuries, the theater world has specialized in engaging audiences and moving hearts and minds. What can meeting professionals learn from all that sound and fury signifying something? Raise the curtain and let’s find out.

VIDEO: Exploring Meeting Formats

Meeting formats are probably the most visible and impactful changes you can make in meetings or sessions and most of them come with zero or limited cost.

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