This site gathers and shares all tools and services available to improve the outcome of meetings, conferences or events via change & innovation leading to positive impact for stake holders. It is about meeting design and the toolbox to get meetings more fun, better networking and learning.

Free Report: What Millennials Want in Meetings

Millennial meeting attendees value face-to-face networking at meetings and events just as much as previous generations. Recognizing this, forward thinking industry stakeholders are implementing next generation meeting design and event technologies that are more aligned with Millennials’ generational preferences.

Serious Fun & Entertrainment

We offer acts, workshops & trainings full of humour, energy, and inspiration.

The Five Golden Rules of Adult Learning Every #EventProf Needs to Know, Backed by Science

You know the situation. You bring your delegates to a conference room and seat them in the audience. They cross their arms, put on a teach-me face, and expect presenters to teach them new stuff or skills without any active involvement.

The Wisdom of Crowds

It seems like a trend called “crowdsourcing” is on the rise among #eventprofs these days, but what exactly is crowdsourcing?

Communication Solutions for Better Meetings. Make Your Presenters Shine!


Audience Communication and Events is an international, independently owned communication and event agency.

A social entertainment with music that transforms everyone into DJs

Mash Machine is a social experience with music designed to engage and bring people together.

Going-the-Distance Learning

The more insights that brain-science and cognition research uncover about how we apply what we learn, the less it seems that the traditional conference education program is up to the task. Sure, your attendees can choose from numerous education sessions along multiple tracks over several days of a jam-packed agenda.

Empowering New Generation of Events

MeetingExpert is an innovative congress software solution designed to offer a unique user experience for the speakers and delegates sharing the same event, by providing them with all the necessary technological support to present and access all the digital content of

4 Must-Have Conversations About Mobile Event Apps

Are you faced with the task of convincing others within your organization to support your plans for a mobile app at your next event? You know the value an app will bring, but you need a strong business case to help get them on board.

The Future Conference Is About Increasing Attendees’ ROI

The future conference is not about the environment, the furniture, the venue, the audio visual or the technology.

The future conference is about increasing the paying attendee’s ROI. The future conference is about helping the attendee transfer and apply their conference learning to their job.

Creative seats and branding-solution for events

Tim Vardy developed a creative seat and branding-solution for events - the FestivalChairs. If you are you looking for a unique way of refreshing and personalize your events, this cool stools are definitively a great option. How does it work?

Meeting Designer

My main task is to help to develop the overall vision of an event for a client and transform that vision through the execution of practical and realistic solutions.

Meeting Design Campfire Programme at IMEX America

13 Oct 2015 11:00
15 Oct 2015 12:30
Las Vegas
Heading to IMEX America and looking for inspiring education on meeting design?

Here is your chance: join the Meeting Design Campfire sessions, it's free and no pre-registration is required.
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