This site gathers and shares all tools and services available to improve the outcome of meetings, conferences or events via change & innovation leading to positive impact for stake holders. It is about meeting design and the toolbox to get meetings more fun, better networking and learning.

9 FRESH Ideas for Transforming Your Events

Infusing interaction into your conference can be a daunting task! Interaction can be scary as you need to give up some of your control and let your attendees take the reins. Luckily, there is a place where you, as an event planner, can try new interactive meeting formats before you apply them at your event..

FRESH15 Awards

The planner panel: The decisive factor

PERFORMING ART connected to the content

Keynote: Get ready for Change


It’s rare to see such a beautiful session opening like the one by Joshua Samson who played soothing melodies on the halo drum. This interactive session is all about connectin

#FRESHcon15 Monday Photo Highlights

#FRESHcon15 Sunday Photo Highlights


FreshTV offers you an extra opportunity to join the FRESH15 if you can't make it to Barcelona. The FRESHTV offers the online participation at the start and at the end of the Monday and Tuesday.

FRESH15 Session: Art, Design and Presentations

Tim Ferguson kicks off the session by elaborating on Christof’s talk about the importance of design for meetings. He applies his ideas to the events industry, saying that event planners should design experience frameworks and then let attendees co-create their own content.

FRESH15 Keynote: How Events Link the WOW to the AHA (30 min video)

Sharing ideas and networking often give a rise to new ideas. Innovation is therefore something that happens at meetings and events.

The FRESH15 Opening Session

And here we go… FRESH15 is officially open. After the boxing entrance, Maarten Vanneste, host and firestarter of the FRESH conference, kicked off FRESH15 and welcomed 204 participants from 14 different countries; an 25% increase from the last year.

FRESH15 Session: The Fourth MDI meeting at the FRESH15 conference

Maarten Vanneste, the president of MDI, opened the fourth MDI meeting hosted by the FRESH conference, by welcoming everyone and saying that there are now more MDI members than ever before.

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