This site gathers and shares all tools and services available to improve the outcome of meetings, conferences or events via change & innovation leading to positive impact for stake holders. It is about meeting design and the toolbox to get meetings more fun, better networking and learning.

DPA Microphones - Innovation in Sound

The quality of sound has an impact on the conference outcomes.

MC’s, Moderators, Conference Chairs and Facilitators?

Good meeting design comes with a good facilitator. AT FRESH this has always been a principle, so we have had many facilitators involved.

The Power of Music in Meetings

Music is an important and valuable element in meetings. At least that is what entertainment agencies try to tell us. Is this true or are they just selling entertainment and therefore nothing important?

Registration and app: - Technology & support for online registration, marketing, mobile app & more

Meeting Design Hub - Quick Tours

19 May 2015 09:00
20 May 2015 16:30
Stand C640
Discover 10 INNOVATIVE TOOLS in 20 minutes. Join the Meeting Design Quick Tours to be amazed with smart tools with a common objective – to produce better meetings with more impactful and measurable results.

FRESH15 Art in meetings.

It may sound a bit peculiar but ART is - and always has been - part of meetings. I am not just talking about art to ‘wow’ the audience, AKA entertainment, but real ART in all it’s shapes and forms. Since art reaches deep into people’s emotions, and since emotions are a driver of purpose, art has a place in what we do as we design meeting.

FRESH15 between Art and Technology …

The FRESH awards

21 Jun 2015 15:00
23 Jun 2015 17:00
Hesperia Tower Barcelona and ON-LINE

The FRESH conference hands out the unique awards for excellence in meeting design.

  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards
  • The FRESH awards

Increasing delegate feedback for your conference

Data collection including information about attendees' feedback can be extremely hard to obtain but is crucial for event planners to help them define their audience behaviour and profiles.

How Meeting Design Leads to Higher ROI

Meeting design and ROI have been buzz words in our industry for quite some time now. But is there a connection between the two? Actually, there is and it’s key to understand it to plan more effective meetings.

CMM - Certificate in Meeting Management

31 May 2015 13:00
3 Jun 2015 12:30
Puebla, Mexico
email contact person: 
GBTA and MPI have joined forces to create the new CMM Program, delivering one global standard of excellence that will bolster your business management skills and advance your career.

New MDI Member | ​Conference Compass

Make the Content at your event come alive and build powerful Connections with Convenience for you and your attendees - All this with the trusted mobile event apps from Conference Compass
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