The Adolescent Brain: (Awkward) Window of Opportunity

(Psychology Today) With the onset of puberty, the beginning of adolescence is marked by pronounced hormonal changes in the human body. During this developmental period, increasing levels of growth hormones, gonadal steroids and adrenal androgens trigger a host of noticeable physiological changes that have become to be identified with pubertal maturation, such as the typical teenage growth spurts and amplified sexual dimorphism.

Even as grown-ups, we need those, “Look what I did!” moments.

(Psychology Today) I don’t know about you, but as a kid I loved playing with Legos. I never distinguished myself as a budding architect, and in those days, the suite of Lego building solutions wasn’t nearly as extensive as it is today. But I wiled away many a contented hour snapping those little bits and pieces together. I think I could probably get a reasonable house-like object together. On a good day, I suppose a somewhat personish thingy was not out of the question. I don’t really remember exactly what I made. I remember the rich colors.


MULTIEPOSTER redefines ePosters! Understanding the natural reading flow of a scientific poster can be very difficult and lead to misinterpretation, especially in an electronic format.

Joel-Zvi Hetzroni explains how Multieposter works and the advantages in the video below.

What is an ePoster

Visually Illustrating Meetings with Kiss the Frog

Fresh Award winner, Kristine Nygaard, explains how she illustrates meetings graphically in an interview at IMEX Frankfurt. 


Visually Illustrating Meetings from Meeting Support Institute on Vimeo.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The list of iPad APP's for Meetings and Events

This below attached PDF has a nice overview from early 2012 for iPad Apps for meetings and event. a variation form brainstorm tools to registration tools. If you have an Ipad, This is what you should look at.
Stefania is also an International speaker on the topic and spoke at FRESH12.

Meeting Support Institute at IMEX Frankfurt

Meeting Support Institute would like to invite you to join and follow our program during IMEX Frankfurt.
We are really looking forward to see you there!

Tuesday, 22th May 2012.
FRESH Dinner. Early Bird only until Monday, 21st April!
MSI is organizing the successful FRESH dinner. This is the place to gather with meeting industry friends, such as meeting planners, meeting designers, technology supplier, actors, etc.

My Qaa New MSI Member

How about a meeting where attendees can constantly communicate with presenters and where even the more shyly inclined participants can feel free to share their opinion?

myQaa - my Question and answer - is a web mobile and a smartphone application that facilitates such interaction before, during and after a meeting, allowing planners to engage with attendees and to measure the level of participation.

Free Sample of The Tweeting Meeting!

Download this free sample of The Tweeting Meeting and decide if you want to get your copy of this book in paper or PDF. The Tweeting Meeting is about Social Media and Networks for Meetings and events. 14 Authors worked together to create a comprehensive work with a pure focus on meeting and events.

Download the below attachment.

Technology: Ideal In Its Place EVENTCAMP VANCOUVER

Host Committee Member, EventCamp Producer Tahira Endean, CMP.  
As we began planning EventCamp Vancouver there was an overriding sense that this would follow the model that focused on innovation, Social Media and technology, following the vision laid out when these began.

Will a Harvard Professor's New Technology Make College Lectures a Thing of the Past?

ecturing.professor.jpg Another sign that the college lecture might be dying: Harvard University physics professor Eric Mazur is championing the "flipped classroom," a model where information traditionally transferred during lectures is learned on a student's own time, and classroom time is spent discussing and applying knowledge to real-world situations.

Culturally diverse attendance and learning in conferences

After reading Vanneste's wonderful book, Meeting Architecture: a manifesto, I have been wondering whether the industry architects design the content of a conference keeping the multicultural audience in mind. To be more specific, I wonder what and when any conceptual tools are used to achieve the conference's learning objectives.

What Color is Your Event?

This book approaches the communication value of live experiences through events and meetings. It provides a refreshing and unique perspective on the correlation of advertising and public relations and the relationship among these three disciplines to increase the efficacy of a business message.

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