People that are deployed to support certain objectives like facilitators, actors, moderators, key note speakers, ... Not for their technical roll as e.g. photographer, sound technician, but as a human tool, the person is the tool like a speaker trainer is the tool to improve presentations.

Brave Ideas - Debut Group, New MDI Member

Full service communications agency providing inspiration and compelling journeys for your participants 

The Debut Group inspires and moves people toward action by connecting with them on an emotional level. They help businesses talk to the human in every employee—working with each individual to reach their full potential.

Think You Know Audience?

You can talk to audiences. You can give them information. You can even entertain them. But when it really matters, you need to engage them.

the NEW Meeting Design Catalogue

This catalogue is a unique collection in Meeting design. This is the updated version of all sorts of companies and individuals with a service or a product  in meeting design. A true eye opener for Students and professionals allike. Order your free copy or a box for a course (all at shipping cost) now.

EXPERT on Design: Horge Perez

Meeting Designer

My main task is to help to develop the overall vision of an event for a client and transform that vision through the execution of practical and realistic solutions.

The Beginner’s Guide to Live Reporting from Conferences

I won’t lie to you. Live reporting from conferences is a challenging task. An appointed live reporter needs to listen meticulously, type with lightning speed and publish more or less without typos in real time.

Engaging Delegates and Moving Minds

Engaging the meeting participants is the cheapest and easiest way to create great meeting experiences and high ROI.  The benefits of engagement are multiple, it increases:
  • motivation
  • learning,
  • networking,
  • ownership to decisions

MC’s, Moderators, Conference Chairs and Facilitators?

Good meeting design comes with a good facilitator. AT FRESH this has always been a principle, so we have had many facilitators involved.

The Art of Connecting With Your Audience

Every single meeting delegate holds unique knowledge. The Red Line Project helps you access this untapped wealth of information by creating a uniquely interactive learning experience. 

7 Tips for Creating Networking Opportunities at Your Event

There are two main reasons why people attend events – for knowledge building and networking. While event organizers dedicate lots of attention to the former, networking activities are frequently neglected, which is a great pity.

9 Presentation Tips All #EventProfs Should Give Their Speakers

Speakers are the backbone of any conference. They have the power to make or break your event. More often than not, your line-up is the main reason why your delegates pay big bucks for the ticket and fly hundreds of kilometres to the venue. They want to see their ‘heroes’ live. They want to get awed and inspired.
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